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Ski mountaineering HOBBY

Put on your helmet and let's go on the ski slope!

Elevation 500 m
Category Skiing
Price 20€ 17€
0 / 50


If you love snowy mountains and peacefully conquer them with skis on your feet, then ski mountaineering is something for you. It will require special equipment, good condition, but the view from the mountain and a good feeling will be worth it! During our alpine challenge, you will have to overcome 500 meters of altitude, take a picture at the top and then record this proof on the notice board. As a reward, we will send you a unique medal from the winter edition of Virtual Challenge 2020.

With each of your challenge you donate 1€ to the Paralympic Committee Foundation.


Complete the challenge within 2 months.
The countdown begins on the day of registration.

Take a picture during challenge and upload it to your dashboard.
Do you need help with uploading? Watch video tutorial.

As soon as you upload your photo, we will send you a medal
If you have applied for more than one challenge, you will receive all medals at once after all the challenges have been completed.

The standard delivery time is 30 working days. If this time is extended, we will contact you by email.

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