With each of your challenge you donate 1€ to the Paralympic Committee Foundation.

Distance 40 km
Category Cycling
Price 20 €
170 / 170


How about riding a bike for 40 kilometers and getting a unique medal? Our virtual cycling challenge means that everyone competes for themselves and the goal is to reach a given number of kilometers. These are not races, so we do not compare the results with other participants.

The cycling challenge is intended for individuals or groups of individuals - in short, for people who like to push their limits and do something for their health. It doesn’t matter if you have a road or mountain bike, whether you go on the asphalt or in the forest. Only determination is important!

By purchasing the challenge you earn LOYALTY POINTS (1 spent euro equals 10 points). More info on the page Discount.


Complete the challenge within 2 months.
The countdown begins on the day of registration.

Take a picture during challenge and upload it to your dashboard.
Do you need help with uploading? Watch video tutorial.

As soon as you upload your photo, we will send you a medal.
If you have applied for more than one challenge, you will receive all medals at once after all the challenges have been completed.

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The standard delivery time is 30 working days. If this time is extended, we will contact you by email.

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